that look

By hyperclicks

May 23, 2008

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Category: people


Fresh from our recent photo-shoot at the Empire Hotel beach. Pretty tiring but we believe we got some good shots. This is one of my favorite shot tweaked with various Lightroom presets.

Shot by: HC3
Camera: Nikon D80 (liLy)
Lens: AFS Nikkor 14-24mm 1:2.8 G ED
Enhanced with: Lightroom 2.0
Artwork & Layout by Mio
Model: Meraj

12 Responses to “that look”

  1. Sweet!!! My favourite one is the second tweak.

  2. thats quite intense.. who is she?

  3. OFF: yes we liked that too.

    D565: just one of our good friends who is willing to model for us, she is exclusive to hyperclicks only though 🙂

  4. i see, she’s gorgeous.. think you will be uploading more photos of this girl?

  5. this whole photo is quite intense… from the colours of tweaking you used, to the background.. and her white dress compliments the background.. (just in case you think im a perv thinking your friend is gorgeous – i just read what i typed in earlier) but in conclusion, its a neat photo.. and your friend being hot is a bonus! 🙂

  6. D565: yes we will be uploading more photos of girls, we ‘ve got a few of models for it already. and yes hawt ones 🙂

  7. do u think there will be more pictures of this mermaid? close up? 🙂

  8. D565: stay tuned 😉

  9. i have been staying tuned. great photos girls. i am still waiting for that close up. she’s my favourite so far. i wasn’t satisfied with the dreamy look as the focus was a little lost. 🙂 keep it up hyperclicks.

  10. she’s out of focused as a person D565… she memang like that… a blurrrrr! 🙂

  11. nice eh

  12. i like this. mcm advert. siuk lah…gambar2 kamu mcm advert magazines. hehehehe

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