on the rocks again

By hyperclicks

May 28, 2008

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Category: landscape, people


Soft & Dreamy is what we’re going for here. Some might say it’s almost blurry but we think it is still eye-catching. Image is enhanced using DreamSuite by Auto FX Software.

Camera: Nikon D80 (liLy)
Lens: Nikon ED AFS VR 70-200mm 1:2.8 G.
Enhanced with: DreamSuite by Auto FX Software
Artwork & Layout by Mio on Photoshop CS3
Model: Meraj

6 Responses to “on the rocks again”

  1. this photo is a little bit too under-exposed. maybe sharpen her eyes. maybe lasso around her face and feather by 5-10 around the photo, that way maybe you can still have the dreamy look using CS2/3. the eyes are the door. looking at this photo, i didn’t know what the subject is. however, the whole photo is qute good. although, somehow the focus is lost because its a bit too blurry. 🙂 every photos has its own uniqueness if you focus on one object and let the rest see what the beauty is in your piece. i can’t wait for the next image, girls. 🙂 keep it up!

  2. D565: thank you for those tips and also for your positive criticisms 🙂

  3. Hi just wondering i think i saw this girl in the aircraft before of course with uniform… am i correct kh? btw feel free to view our blog at we see we shoot…

  4. slave: 😉

  5. eh? really?

  6. I like this picture…mcm floating rasanya….

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