Shine on me

By hyperclick2

June 3, 2008

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Category: people


Why are you walking in the steps of my shadow? Why don’t you shine on me like an endless dawn?

Photo by: HC2
Camera: Canon EOS 30D (Eliza)
Lens: Canon 70-300mm, 1:4.5-5.6 DO IS USM
Enhanced with: Lightroom 2.0
Artwork & Layout on PS CS2
Assisted by: that Kind Individual
Model: Liz

9 Responses to “Shine on me”

  1. Liz is very beautiful, watch out for the pole on top which distract the eyes 😉

  2. She is beautiful, isn’t she? Sexy to die for eyes! And skin that glows like a light-bulb! 😉 Liz is definitely one of our hot hypercHicks.

  3. gorgeous ehhhh 😀 love her eyes, love her smile 😀 great skin too!

  4. Ally: Thank you for the compliments 🙂 our model’s blushing a shade of pink 😉

  5. Post more of Ida too, she’s extremely well-liked by the camera also 😉

  6. Meow: thanks 🙂 will do post her pic one of these days.

  7. im blue da ba dee ba da baaaaa da ba deeee da ba daaaaaaaa 😀 she’s goooooooooorgeous!

  8. Lawa seluar c Liz, andang 3 tone kah or its coz of the light and the way she’s sitting?

  9. her pants are 3 toned 🙂

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