Gothicly Red

Finally, a proper outing with aLana, our Leica M8. Pity it wasn’t a good day, we were expecting sunset but somehow we got rain instead. Lucky it kinda died down as the evening approached. And extra lucky for us we had the Noctilux-M 50mm f/1 lens, otherwise it would’ve been hard to get some good shots too. More photos at our flickr gallery.

Photo by HC3
Camera: Leica M8 (aLana)
Lens: Noctilux-M 50mm f/1
Processed with Photoshop CS3
Model: Meraj

4 Responses to “Gothicly Red”

  1. finally, a trio of photo bloggers in Brunei worthy of actually calling photographers! keep up the fine pictures!

  2. thank you cyberridz. we’re humbled by your compliment especially coming from some as experienced as you. *blushes* insha-allah we will try to improve more 🙂

  3. can see her pimple on her forehead..

  4. Lawa…..walaupun can see pimple….maseh lawa..lawa itu tetap lawa…hehehehe LAWA seems to be part of my vocab

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