Story of a Fallen Angel

I saw her drop, her wings spread
Her eyes bright gold, and terrified
She covered up her face and cried
The angel falling from the skies…….
But suddenly, the angel sighed
Her face grew stony, petrified
And then I realised she died
The angel who fell from the skies……

Poem by Hana Blackflower
Photo by: HC4
Camera: Canon 5D (eLina)
Lens: Canon EF 50mm f1.8 Mark II
Enhanced with: Lightroom
Artwork & Layout on: PS CS 3
Model: Ida

9 Responses to “Story of a Fallen Angel”

  1. OMG…. that is really a gud photo- goose bumps when i first saw it!

  2. Ucuk: hehehe… all in the name of art 😉

  3. Just Beautiful.

  4. Wahhhhhh…….mana dwarves nya?? snow white misti ada dwarves….

  5. It reminds me of snow white instantly…. Very gud pic.

  6. good story telling with this picture…congarts HC4……… and Thanks for sharing

  7. Hani: Thank you 🙂
    Chika & Alex: it does look like snow white 🙂 drawves were unavailable during this shoot
    Kulimpapat: thank you, you’re very kind. 🙂

  8. nice shot…keep it up 😀

  9. yea, reminds me of snow white too. tpi if edit nya punya lips like the color of the apple, cud be nicer? like~ after she ate the apple result. haha. just a thot

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